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Philippe Dubois, Ph.D. in sciences, is full professor at University of Mons (Mons, .. therapeutics (lung surfactant replacement, tissue oxygenation, diagnosis, drug . University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA and Department of Electronic .. of Paris Descartes – Sorbonne, where he has been a professor since

Maher, Jr. Technology Planning Council U. Began, ? Graham, Monday, November 16, at U. Cox, Tuesday, June 16, at U. Proposed Workshops Questionnaires "Stress! Do You Know How to Cope? Herman Witte, July 16, at U. Herman Witte, November 7, and November 14, at U. Gene Harding, Thursday, May 21, at U. Academic Affairs, Correspondence.

Criminal Justice After July? Guitar Festival to be held in April each year, beginning in U. Began in February, DR. Sponsored by Galo of U. Brooks, Merle E. Communications Department Carter, Elton S. Economics Conyers, James Dr. Education Professor Dalstrom, Harl A. Visiting faculty, 1st semester Hansen, Kenneth K. Educational Administration Hardiman, Cynthia A. Assistant to the President Hosman, Everett M. McGinnis, Michael L. Psychology Department ? Psychology Professor Peters, Kermit C. Music Professor Peterson, James B. Public Administration Reed, Christine M.

Runyon, Robert S. Selee, James W. Sullenger, T. Psychology Professor Tomsen, Peter U. Vlasek, Scott Director, U. English Professor Watanabe, Judith E. Welcome New Faculty "Class of. Light of Wellness Awards Information-- U. Former U. Memorial Cloud, Colonel Guy M. Fund Isaacson, Jacob J. Chair Jefferis, Albert W. Memorial Fund Kayser, Frederick W. Chair-- Chair of Economics-- Elroy J. Chair of Marketing-- Charles M. Kayser Chair of Economics: Elroy J. James Conyers, U. Thorson and F. Aeronautical Association U.

Kayser Chair of Economics: Roderic B. Archival Holdings at U. Special Collections Advisory Committee-- Minutes. It combined Collection Management and Bibliographic Access departments into one department. Reception: May 30, , p. On Display February March 22, Daviess Menefee, Mr. Ken Lillywhite, Dr. William Blizek and Dr.

Library Room , By Thomas A. Centennial Celebration Correspondence [by date, ? Athletic-- Indian Club Athletics-- Misc. Black Liberators for Action on Campus Misc. Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance F. Financial Management Association International U. Community Writer's Workshop Galo of U. Began in Pen Dragon Circle Began in ? Advertising Club U. Aeronautical Association Student organization U. Americans for Informed Democracy U. Amnesty International U. Anime Club Began in U.

Baha'i Club U. Ballroom Dance Club Began in ? Chess Club U. College Democrats U. College Republicans U.

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Cycling Club U. Dance Floor U. Fencing Club U. Film Society Began in U. Friends of Shakespeare U. Geosciences Society U. Human Resources Management Club U. Investment Club Funded by money from the Col. Association U. Martial Arts Club U. Native American Student's Association U. Nebraskans for Peace U. Pre-law Society U. Little money from Athens-Clarke County is available for Gospel Pilgrim, which is officially an abandoned cemetery, with a small amount of care given by the city-county. Volunteers make forays to remove sticks and brush in small areas, but little overall care is being given.

Since then most of the pathways have suffered erosion and are overgrown with weeds.

Discovering our Douglas Ancestors and their Relatives

Close inspection is necessary to see which graves still have readable tombstones. All of the Gospel Pilgrim records were lost when the last officer of the Society, Alfred Richardson Hill, died in The Gospel Pilgrim Society was a burial society and sold lots in the cemetery, designed to give African Americans a respectable and beautiful place for burial. In the last few years, only a handful of burials have taken place if descendants could present a lot certificate, but it is not really an active burial ground. It contains blogs by Robert Moore.

I share an interest in Civil War and Reconstruction history. My own Web site alhester. Many ex-slaves are buried at Gospel Pilgrim and sometimes I tell their stories on my Web site. One of Mr. The presiding leader at that Jan. The surname Snelson seemed slightly familiar to me. Could it be that Floyd Grant Snelson, an ex-slave Georgia preacher, Republican political leader and educator named for Gen. Grant, was connected to Gospel Pilgrim's "A. Olewole Snelson"? Floyd Grant Snelson, Jr. His middle name of Grant was his preferred name, in honor of the Northern general.

About seven years of his life were spent in Athens as a minister, principal and teacher. His son became a member of the A. Snelson, Jr. Later in his career, he would be a leader in the mission field and as a pastor of major A. Louis, Pittsburgh and San Francisco. He would follow his father's missionary lead, becoming head of A. Church mission work as superintendent and presiding elder in West Africa. Snelson's development as a young preacher and educator and liked what he saw, choosing him to lead major efforts in several West African countries. In , Rev. Snelson Jr. He had been the principal of the Mitchell Street black school in Atlanta before coming to Athens.

In Athens, he also became editor of The Negro Educational Journal , the publication of a statewide organization for black teachers. We have no information about why she was named "Waterloo. He was principal of East Athens Colored School between and He was also made a church deacon in Athens in and preached in Athens. After his African mission work, , he returned to Athens as pastor of the Bethel A.

Church in Athens for , according to official publications of the A. Late in , Rev. Snelson became head of A. His eyes are deep-set but expressive. His voice is full and resonant, but has been somewhat injured by the unrestrained energy with which he has evidently become accustomed to speak. His postures are full of manifestations of decision of character, mingled somewhat with obstinacy. Snelson was making a name for herself in her own right.

She was an excellent educator, outstanding speaker and organizer of various social services. Snelson was in many ways the ideal wife for the itinerant Methodist preacher, the article said. She even occupied her husband's pulpit, and she brought up a family of four children; with all this work and her own restless nervous energy she was personally charming, full of humor, and one of the most beautiful women in America," the article in the August, , issue said.

Oluwole Snelson. I did learn that Oluwole is a fairly common name for boys in West Africa. One translation from Yoruba is "The king has entered the house. John Davis, a longtime member of Greater Bethel A. Church, said the Rev. Snelson is not listed in a Greater Bethel church history as an early pastor. There are, however, ample mentions in national A. Fifteen years after Rev. In February, , Mrs. Snelson was in the enumeration on June 6, , with his other family members after he came back from his missionary service.

The Clarke County federal census enumerator mistakenly listed the family surname as "Nelson. Their first son, Floyd Grant Snelson, Jr. A daughter, La Ursa, was born in May, A second daughter, Blydena, was born in November, Their youngest son, Strathana or Strathcona, would be born in The youngest daughter, Arnetta, was born in Oluwole Snelson was born on July 29, , according to his tombstone. But she is enumerated as having had a total of four births, indicating one child who was not living by June 6, It seems likely that this child was A.

On Jan. Before the Majestic's embarkation, a large congregation at Bethel A. Snelson, who made a brief but remarkable speech," the article said. Next to his God, every true man holds in reverence a pure and noble woman. Between true hearts the vast ocean may sweep without abating love or dimming the untarnished lustre of loyalty. At the altar, side by side, husband and wife, so soon to be separated, knelt together while forth from hundreds of hearts went up a pray[er]. Then with bowed heads the people sang in tones soft and low, 'God be with you till we meet again.

Snelson, however, never went to West Africa to be with her husband. We have information from the Athens Banner newspaper indicating in several stories that she was teaching in and We also know that before his return from Africa, she was going to Atlanta on business. She also had her children to look after. And Waterloo Snelson would also have been pregnant with A. Oluwole Snelson, who, as pointed out, was born July 29, By that time, Rev. Snelson was running the extensive West African mission program of his church.

His supervision included traveling thousands of miles to many mission outposts under very primitive conditions in several countries. A recognition, which he obviously relished, came when he was made a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society F. He became a specialist in cultures and languages of West Africa. He always included "F.

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We have no private letters written between Rev. Snelson and his wife. He doesn't mention his family in his official correspondence, reports, or in newspaper accounts of his missionary work. We know for certain that Mrs. Oluwole if he were the fourth living child. We do know that her "little boy" had been in a serious fire, but supposedly was recovering in , according to the story in the Feb. It seems likely that the "little boy" hurt in the fire would not be Floyd, who would be about nine years old. Oluwole, less than three years old, would be more likely. We also know that Waterloo's mother was listed as a member of the household of the Snelsons in the Clarke County federal census.

Sarah Bullock was probably able to help considerably in caring for the children. But A. Oluwole was dead by March 1, , according to his marker inscription in the cemetery. Church upon his return. Snelson himself named A. Oluwole Snelson, while he carried out his mission duties in Africa. He was quite familiar with African names. Looking at the names of their children, we can see that Rev. Snelson and his wife had no hesitation in choosing unusual names. Surely Rev.

Snelson's grief would have been acute, so soon after his return from Africa. It is possible he may not have received word about the death until he arrived in the United States. Soon, the Snelsons were also shocked by the tragic case of the Rev. Floyd Snelson, Sr. In , he was placed in the Milledgeville, Georgia, Insane Asylum. After being dismissed from the asylum, he was run over by a train near Blackshear, Pierce County, Georgia, in He was " His death ".

Snelson was pastor at St. Paul's A. Church in Pittsburgh at the time. Floyd, the eldest son of the Snelsons , became a well known newspaper writer, columnist and editor for black newspapers. He also would die in a major accident. He was killed in a stove explosion and fire while staying in a friend's apartment in France in Snelson would be appointed pastor of Bethel A. But he left Athens when appointed minister at Bethel A. Church, a large church in San Francisco. Throughout the rest of his life, Rev. Snelson, who died in , had numerous important preaching appointments.

He had a reputation for overcoming church mortgage difficulties, and helped pay off the debts of several A. On May 3, , Waterloo Snelson died unexpectedly after surgery of an undisclosed nature at the age of 44, in Columbus, Ohio, where Rev. Snelson was pastor of Mt. Vernon A. Snelson was requested to take charge of the women's suffrage movement among the colored women in Ohio, and at the same time was appointed by Governor Cox to represent the state at the national education congress which will convene in Oklahoma next July," the Ohio State Journal said in her obituary.

In October, , , he married Blanche Ward, a widow, who also took major leadership positions in the church. After that, he married his last wife, Trenna O. Banks Snelson, who also had been a strong church leader. In , he campaigned at the general conference of the A. Church to make him a special "Bishop of Africa" to further mission work there. The Topeka Kansas Plaindealer newspaper, reprinted his long announcement and request for votes. In the May 2, , issue, the paper endorsed him. In his campaign for bishop, his seventh point for election was: ".

He had sought the bishop's office as early as , but was not successful. He returned to the United States to try to regain his health, but died on Feb. Oluwole Snelson, years after his death. Surely his family and church friends did mourn for him. But the Snelson family soon moved away from Athens for prominent activities all over the country in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. No flowers are set in pots by the grave. At the plot, no lilies bloom in the spring, as by other graves. There are no conch shells or quartz crystals placed there as remembrances, as is common at many Gospel Pilgrim burial sites.

Truly, A. Snelson was one of the most prominent black preachers and missionaries around Source: A. Encylopedia: Waterloo Snelson was called "one of the most beautiful women in the world" by Crisis Magazine. Source: The Crisis Magazine. The simple tombstone for A. Source: Al Hester. Sherman and forced to go to Kentucky and Indiana during the Civil War. Photo by Al Hester. In the springtime , thoughts of many Southerners turn toward the "Lost Cause" when the Confederacy lost the long and bitter armed conflict between the North and the South.

Some know of the war as The War Between the States. Others term it the Civil War. With Gen. Lee's surrender at Appomattox , VA, in April, , most of the fighting ended. What followed was mainly a mop-up operation and a long military occupation of much of the South by the victorious Yankees. The United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Sons of Confederate Veterans lead in the ceremonies and rituals to keep their history of the war alive and vivid.

Typically, the fighting qualities of Confederate officers and enlisted men are remembered. The Pilgrims were residents in what was then the southern part of Clarke County, not far from the Huff Cemetery. Later that part of Clarke County would become Oconee County. Green Pilgrim was born in South Carolina. He moved to Georgia and married Nancy in in nearby Greene County. Green was born in and Nancy in By , the Greens had a baby girl and named her Mary E.

In , a son was born, Isaac Bartow Pilgrim. In just a few years, war would turn the lives of the Pilgrim family upside down. Green was about 43 years old when the Civil War started. During the war, the Confederacy could have conscripted him for military service. Green was on the muster roll of the 16th Regiment, 2nd Brigade of the 3rd Division of the Georgia Militia. Nancy was also a mill worker. The mills on Vickery Creek were a big operation and made cloth for military uniforms, tents and other materials desperately needed by the Confederate troops.

The highlight was the dedication of a large grave marker for Nancy and Green Pilgrim. On the front side is an account of what happened to them and their children in July, , when they were among about workers arrested for "treason" by Gen. William T. Sherman and forced to leave Roswell for the North for the duration of the Civil War. On the rear side of the Green's attractive grave stone are their names and dates of birth and death.

Previously the only marker was a rugged field stone with Nancy's initials crudely carved on it. Most of the workers were women, sometimes accompanied by children. Workers at the New Manchester Mills were similarly engaged in producing goods for the Confederate armies. All told, probably about workers were mill hands at the Roswell and New Manchester establishments. He sent Brig. Mill hands had been instructed to work until the last possible moment to turn out military necessities. General Garrard saw the strategic value of the Roswell Mills.

After removing workers, he burned the entire operation, with General Sherman's approval. The New Manchester mills were likewise destroyed. General Sherman took a highly unusual step, giving orders that all the mill workers and supervisors and their families should be rounded up and arrested for treason. Others were sent across the Ohio River to Indiana," she wrote. Thus General Sherman not only destroyed the mills but dispersed the workers so they could do no harm to Union operations.

Information differs as to what exactly happened to the displaced mill employees. Some apparently were forced to be indentured servants, and some worked for farmers. None were tried for treason. But women workers were separated from their husbands fighting in the Confederate armies, and from their other family members, unless they were all herded together in the North as mill workers.

One-eyed Green Pilgrim and his wife Nancy were in the forced move, along with their children. Both Green and Nancy got small pox but survived. Not only Southern newspapers, but also Northern publications reflected outrage against General Sherman's actions. Union General George H. The most of them are women. I can only order transportation to Nashville where it seems hard to turn them adrift.

Narrative: Jarred Branson Sr.

What had best be done with them," he asked General Sherman. Sherman replied: "I have ordered General Webster at Nashville to dispose of them. They will be sent to Indiana. The mill workers were not spies or traitors, nor did they pose a serious threat to the Federal army, particularly now that the mills were destroyed," she wrote. Many of the displaced workers never made it back to Georgia, marrying in the North and bearing children there.

But quite a few made their way at the end of the war. Petite's extensive research turned up a number of their names, stories and photographs. He is a farmer and member of Beulah Reformed Presbyterian Church. Address: Superior, Nebr. Ronald Theodore Schott, b. Nina Lea Schott, b. Judy Schott, b. Carolyn Joyce Schott, b.

Collection organization

Franklin Leroy Schott, b. April 21, , mar. Reta Williams, Sept. WW Address: Nelson, Nebr, Children: 1. Alvin Leroy Schott, b. May 11, , Superior, Nebr. Dickie Elton Schott, b. Barbara Jean Schott, b. Royce Lee Schott, b. Lyvene Delbert Schott, b. Harold Daniel Schott, b. June 20, , mar. Marie Doren- kamp, Aug. He was Naval instructor at Chicago Air Base, , making the navy a career. Member of Reformed Presby. Church, Address: McHenry, Gregory Harold Allen Schott, b. May 8, , Chicago 2. Douglas Allen Schott, b.

Dennis Lee Schott, b. Jacelyn Marie Schott, b. Susan Carol Schott, b, Oct, 18, , " " " " 5. Sarah Elizabeth Schott, b. Winston Flower, June 7, Continued on next page. Winston Flower, June 7, , Wichita, Kansas. He was born July 16, Nelson, Nebr. He is a oatrolman, member of Presbyterian Church. Address: Exeter, Nebr. David Duaine Flower, b. July 24, 2. Linda Grace Flower, b. Charlotte Theodora Schott, b. April 29, , Stafford, Kansas, a graduate of Sterling College, She graduated from Nebr. University, , with Home Economics major and taught at Grant, Nebr. She taught at La Plata, Mo.

He is the son of the late Rev. Richard C. Belle Adams is Bible teacher in the covrnty schools at Wrigley, Kentucky. Address: Van Bom, Inkster, Mich. Dwight Bruce Adams, b, Oct. Donald Eugene Schott, b. Jean Carol Striggow, Oct. Military service records: Leslie Eugene Griffiths: 1st Lt. WW II, with army in Japan. Louis Goedecke: Inducted May 11, , disch.

Wayne R. Roberts, enl. June, , disch. LeRoy Griffiths enl. Harold R. Griffiths: Seot. Fort Lewis, Wash. Dwain McAdams: Mar. Richard Jones: Dec. Leslie Lee Griffiths, Sept. May 5, , Dickens, Nebr. Leslie Eugene Griffiths, b. Address: North Laramie, Wyoming Raymond Eugene Griffiths, b. Kay at Denver. Child: Craig Allen, b. Leo Paul Griffiths, b. Marlene DeAnn Suhr, June 10, Linda Dorraine Griffiths, b. Wendall Schrotberger. Child: Chad Lynn, b. May 30, Vance Griffiths, b. Leslie Lugh Griffiths, b.

Myrtle Marie Griffiths, b. July 20, , mar. Address; Cleveland St. Sherran Kay Goedecke, b. Louis Paul Goedecke, b. Qnma Jane Griffiths, b. Wayne Roberts, Nov. June 23, , Ogallala. Address: Hy 12, Eau Claire, Wise. Jerry Wayne Roberts, b. Steven Roberts, b. William LeRoy Griffiths, b. April 5, , mar. Edna Cramer Nov. Children born at North Platte, Nebr: 1. Larry LeRoy Griffiths, b. Randy Lee Griffiths, b. Marilyn Kay Griffiths, b. Rodney Kent Griffiths, b. Harold Reed Griffiths, b. June 27, , mar. Alberta DeWolf Jan. Address: Loup City, Nebr.

Edyth Arlyne Griffiths, b.

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June 10, , mar. Dwain McAdams April 9, , Ogallala. Address: Venango, Nebr. Brenda McAdams, b. Carol McAdams, b. Rosemary Griffiths, b. Richard Jones, Feb. Alcott, Englewood, Colo. Michael Jones, b. Kelly Jones, b. Melody Jones, b. May 19, , Denver, Colo. Phyliss Lorraine Griffiths, b. Samuel Joe Connell, Jan. June 18, , Stapleton, Nebr. Add: Stapleton, Nebr. Gordon Jay Connell, b. April 24, , Valentine, Nebr. Sandi Jo Connell, b. Herman Plahn, Feb. Congregational Church. Address: No.

Delores Emma Plahn, b. Oliver James Thomsen, Feb. He was born Aug. He and family spent two yrs. Springs, Colo. Address: Jasmine St. Marilyn Jeanne Thomsen, b. Philip Mangold of Lexington, Nebr. Address: Colorado Springs, Colo. Jeffrey Bryan Mangold, b. Harold William Plahn, b. Barbara Ann Rauback, Oct. Address: N. Westview Dr. Brian Harold Plahn, b. Brady Girard Plahn, b. Girard Anthony Plahn, b. Gregory James Plahn, b. Maria Louisa Plahn, b. June 25, , " " " 3. Elaine Marie Plahn, b. Hain, Feb.

Medical Sup. Address: W. Broadview Dr. Anne Marie Hain, b. Scott Michael Hain, b. May 17, , " " 29 John C. May 2, , Morning Sun, Iowa. He left home between and and was completely lost track of, married Emma McClure, Oct. Breckenridge at Morning Sun, Iowa. Willa Caldwell, b. Otis Hart, June 25, , Creston, Iowa. He was born Oct. Her address: Walton Blvd. Kenneth Otis Hart, b. Mavorette Kiddle, Feb. Palm Beach. Address: Crest Dr.

Marcia Lynn Hart, b. Douglas Kenneth Hart, b. Melanie Ann Hart, b. Robert James Hart, b. Alberta Jaeger, Nov. C, She was b. Address: Nautilus, Satellite Beach, Fla. Children born in W. Palm Beach, Fla: 1. Sue Hart, b. Dennis Dale Hart, b. Marjorie Caldwell, b. Fern Caldwell, b. April 2, , Lenox, Iowa, d. Palm Beach, mar. May 27, Mockett, July, , Idaho. No children. Gene Caldwell, b. Lewis Caldwell, b. April 14, , Creston, la. Faye Kling, , Moores- ville. Adopted daughter, Darline Caldwell, b.

Darlene Caldwell, b. Ray Blackstone, , Flint. Anger dau. Wilson Caldwell Marjorie Caldwell, b. June 20, , Creston, Iowa, died iNov. William Carl Anger, Sept. May 6, , Kenosha, Wisconsin, d. He served in WW I- enl. Air service aeronautics, master signal electrician. Donna Jean Anger, b. May 21, , Jackson, Mich. Richard A. Backus, Aug. Address: Lahser Rd. Children born in Lansing: 1. Amy Lou Backus, b. David Richard Backus, b. Dianne Anger, b. William R. Conway, Feb. July 25, , Green Cove Springs, Florida. USN- 42 months, Pacific Theatre.

Address: John Anderson Dr. James Marvin Conway, b. Julia Ann Conway, b. June 17, , Orlando 3. John Charles Conway, b. Carl Anger, Jr. April 19, , Flint, Mich. Maole St. James Caldwell Anger, b. May 10, , d. Susan Marjorie Anger, b. Lyn Wilton, July 25, Address: Lafayette Ave.

Sally Anger, b. May 27, , Lansing, mar. Donald Stroud, June 27, , Muskegon, Wise. Deborah Sue Stroud, b. June 1, 2. Mark Allen Stroud, b. Janice Rae Stroud, b. Michael Lee Stroud, b. Marjorie Ann Stroud, b.

McElhinney dau. Charles A. McElhinney, Jan. She was a Presbyterian. Calvin McElhinney, b.

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He was a partner in the Talbott Clothing Co. Address: Mountain Home, Ark. Mary Jane McElhinney, b. Dattatreya Rao Sanadi, Mar. He was orofessor in the Univ. Address: 5 Anger Rd. Clyde Sanadi, b. Madison, Wise. Marcia Sanadi, b. James Russell McElhinney, b. Doris Elsie Kingland, Jan. He is a teacher. Address: 3rd Ave. Dakota Children: 1. Jeffrey Kingland McElhinney, b. John Charles McElhinney, b. He returned Jan. Address: Madison, Wise, 2.

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  5. Zella June McElhinney, b. July 6, , Des Moines County, mar. April 13, , Morning Sun, Iowa. Address: E. Holmes, Janesville, Wise. Marshall Crawford Brown, Jr. Brown, A. Officer of Air Corps base at Rothveston, Germany, 24 mo. Catherine June Brown, b. Marcia Susan Brown, b. June 23, d. Charles Robert Brown, b. Margaret June Brown, b. Richard Phillip Kremer, Mar.

    June 23, , Marietta, Ohio. Address: 5th St. Richard Phillip Kremer, b. Deborah June Kremer, b. Charles Robert Kremer, b. Laurel Ann Kremer, b. Barbara Ann Brown, b. Donald S. Smith, April 26, , Janesville, Wise. Address: Foster Ave. Wendy Alison Smith, b. Andrew Marshall Smith, b. Margaret Jane McElhinney, b. June 28, , Taylor Co. Albert William Willson, Feb. James Willson.

    Ref : "The Willson Family Tree" page He served with Co. C- th Inf. Rainbow Div. He is in wholesale flower seed business. Address: Kelly Lane, Yuciapa, Calif. Albert William Willson, Jr. June 2, , Burlington, la. Interred at Arlington Nat ' 1 Cem. Sarah Jane Willson, b. Robert Warwick Brackenbury, Nov. July 4, He attended Pasadena Jr. College; BA degree, Whittier College. He served in the Navy, - Feb. Mable, Monterey Park, Calif. David William Brackenbury, b. Robin Lynn Brackenbury, b. May 8, 3. Laura Lee Brackenbury, b.

    Plants dau. Jess Orval Plants, Dec. April 15, , Winfield, Iowa, d. Children born at Lenox: 1. Ila Plants, b. Harold Edwin Moore. Myra Plants, b. Chester R. Beryl Plants, b. June 12, , mar. Francis N. Orvil Plants, b. Bernice Archibald, June 5, Donna Louise Plants, b. Joe O'Connell, 19 Debbie O'Connell, b. Katherine O'Connell, b. May 4, 3. Karen May O'Connell, b. May , 4. Michael Dean O'Connell, b. Patricia Lynn O'Connell, b. Ronald Dean Plants, b.

    Wilma England, Nov. She was born in California. Child born at Creston, 1. Douglas Ray Plants, Iowa: b. Caldwell Plants gr-dau. Address: Nodaway, Iowa Children: 1. Marjorie Lenore Moore, d.