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Along comes Facebook. All you have to do to find old friends on Facebook is type in your friend's name and there she is. Found at long last. Maybe your search to find old friends on Facebook didn't happen that quick. You did find another long lost friend, though. So you add them to your friend list instead. A couple months later you open up your email only to find your long lost best friend has just found you.

Share photos with the Facebook photo album. Add photos from high school, add current photos and add photos of your kids to your Facebook photo album. Your friends will love it. So you weren't looking for a best friend, you were just looking to find old friends that you wished you had tried harder to be friends with.

You've just been given a second chance. They say first impressions last a lifetime. I say second chances come only once, and they can be just as important at the first impression. Use Facebook as a means to build a new friendship with your lost friend. Did you wrong someone?

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Did they wrong you? You've just found him on Facebook so here's your chance to make up even though there were bad feelings or hurtful words, it's never too late to make things better and be friends all over again. Facebook's homepage makes it easy to start over.

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Start by saying you're sorry, then let they can forgive you or say they're sorry too. Enter as many details as possible. Facebook will prioritise people who share common attributes with your own Facebook profile such as mutual friends, location and work places. If searching for your friend's name does not bring any results, try to think about any interests and groups they may have 'liked'.

Facebook has a large number of pages set up by local groups such as charities, cultural organisations and sports clubs. Facebook will also provide you with a list of 'suggested friends'.

Why Old Friends Matter

If you don't know any of these people, don't worry, they have been selected based on indicators such as mutual friends, education and work histories. If you click the 'x', this person will disappear and be replaced with another suggestion.

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  • Friends or family of your friend may come up so it is worth having a look at this function. There are, of course, many reasons for wanting to find an old friend. But whether it's something specific, a reunion of former school or workmates, or just curiosity haven't we all wondered "whatever happened to so and so Friendships - old and new - can have many positive benefits.

    Lack of daily social contact is believed to be a driving factor behind widespead loneliness together with bereavement, divorce and retirement.

    How to find people on Facebook

    You can also visit your local site for information about meet-ups and events. Images: Shutterstock. At my wit's end - Advice needed. What will become of my son? Why does it always happen to me..? Considering voting Labour?

    Search their name

    Good Morning Friday. I wish I enjoyed cooking! Google Google is your first point of call and a gold mine for finding information. LinkedIn LinkedIn is a great place to search for people using their employment history. Facebook On Facebook you can search for people by finding the 'search for friends' tab.