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As this is more than just a reverse phone number app, there are three different tiers of search options. But if you just want to find out who called you, head to the Search tab and simply type in their number. From my experience, you will usually uncover a significant amount of information about the individual searched. The backend service scrapes the web to find as much information about the person or business for which the number is registered. After testing several numbers, I found most of the information to be accurate, though birth dates were a bit off.

Otherwise, the app will pull known email addresses, social media information, aliases, and even show you a picture pulled from the individual's Facebook page in some cases. You are limited to 10 free reports for either a phone number or email, so use these wisely — ideally for identifying information about local numbers, not toll-free numbers. The two apps below are more useful for receiving information about calls from telemarketers and integrating with call logs on your device.

The Reverse Lookup app from Nomadic Ratio is a simple tool to quickly check phone numbers. The app pulls in information from your call log and puts it in a list view with different icons indicating incoming or outgoing calls. To see a caller's name, you'll have to select their number from the list — but this list only contains calls from numbers that aren't in your contacts, so they're all unknown callers.

After selecting a number, you'll see the person or company's name at the top of the next page. From here, you can head to the Discussion tab to see what other users have to say about the person or company behind this number, which is useful for determining if it's a legitimate caller or just spam. Another neat feature is the ability to share the information to different platforms which is helpful for publicizing harassment situations.

The Whoscall app is a free application for identifying incoming callers that comes packaged with a couple of other features. Though the free version does contain ads, they're minimally invasive and only appear in certain areas of the app or after rejecting a call. Whoscall continually monitors your incoming calls, so you'll see a popup with the identity of a caller as the call is actually coming in. Legitimate calls from either a reputable business or one of your contacts will appear with a green icon attached, while unknown entities will be marked with a gray icon, and notoriously sketchy calls will have a red icon.

Information for unwanted calls is compiled from user reviews, and this data can be viewed under the "Info" section within the app if you missed the original popup. If you head to the app's main settings menu, you can tweak a few features — namely the pop-up dialog that appears when receiving a call. I wish they can detect the culprits that do this.

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It's a waste of time taking these calls, We have better things to do. I've been getting multiple calls every day this week. Does anyone know how they got my details? Called on my work phone but left no message, really sick of these mystery calls. This mobile number is the property of Leonard Deitch for the past 7 years, sick of telemarketers calling for previous owner.

Phone only rang once, then cut out, so didn't get to answer it. Called back and it doesn't ring, goes straight to answering machine: "Hi, you've reached the number for 2Evole. Thank you for your call. Unfortunately we are unable to take your call right now, but will be in contact with you soon, and look forward to speaking with you again. So once again, thank you. Very poor VoIP line, possibly an Indian man, no idea about his reason for calling.

This is so weird, how do they know I just set up a Google ad? To many coincidences, that they follow genuine Google interactions. Recorded voice about NBN being cut off and been trying to get in touch with this number. We had NBN installed months ago so I know they would be calling us.

Plus its a business! Kids with cancer. Brought Raffle tickes a couple of times now they ring me daily. Bock the numbers but they always have more. I called back number 02 spoke to a guy but did not say for what company. I called back number 03 rang once then gets disconnected automatically.

I called back number 02 reached voice mail for Wyndham Destinations. I called back number 08 rang once then gets disconnected automatically. I called back number 02 spoke to a woman but did not hear her properly when she said the company name. I called back number 02 spoke to a woman who said i've reached Maxim Chartered Accountants. I called back number 03 reached voice mail but did not say for what company.

I called back number 08 spoke to a woman who said I've reached Flowers Eddy. I called back number 08 reached IVR for Avivo. A variation of this number, different ending, also called a few times, same day. Robovoice says, This is Nicole from the National Broadband Network, we have been trying to get in touch with you Random Sydney number- I let it ring out and then they left a voicemail with nothing on it. Google searched the number and found this page. Just got a call from this number.. I was outside and answering machine took it She called me by my middle name which is not my official name This phone number is unrecognized no.

And I said not interested and hung up. Woke me up at 1am and then tried again - successfully to wake me - at 2am. I have blacklisted them. I called back number 07 spoke to a woman but did not say for what company until she verifies who I am. Several missed calls. Call back generates a message saying something like "All consultants busy will call you back" When call is answered they hang up. Have received a call from this number twice now - both times no message left.

If they were legit, they would leave a message. She said my internet was going to be cut off. In the previous hour I had five calls from 02 numbers and one from 03 number telling me I had a problem with NBN. One of the women called me from two states in less than one minute , She said "We were cut off". It's not a scam, it's their online order team.

I placed an order and they called me and provided all the correct info relating to my order before I gave them any of my details. Also during the call they mentioned other numbers I have with them so definitely legit. Scam that was running in UK now in Australia playing a robocall claiming to be amazon prime renewal subscription. The person claimed to be from the NBN telling me I have other people accessing my computer.

I hung up and called the number back. A message said the number was not connected. Aways starts off We have been trying to contact you. I answer her call s about 50 times a week so i'm not hard to contact and despite her threats my internet hasn't been cut off. I called back number 02 spoke to a woman who said I've reached Frankies Auto Electrics. Luckily my phone Xiaomi Mi A2 is able to detect spam callers so i don't have to pick up which unfortunately was not the case with my apple phone.

I called back number 02 reached IVR for Hays. I called back number 07 spoke to a woman who said I've reached Super Cheap Auto. I called back number 02 reached IVR for Optus. I called back number 03 spoke to a woman who said I've reached Wildlife Victoria. I called back number 02 reached voice mail for NextGen Physio. I called back number 08 spoke to a woman who said I've reached Labourpower. I called back number 02 reached voice mail but did not hear the name of the company properly.

The same number appeared as a missed call on my ph and wanted to add on my contact as an emergency contact number. Saw previous post saying number was from Act For Kids. A caller who uses fictitious phone numbers. They have been using a range of numbers and do not leave a message.. These come from overseas. I will block the first three digits.. We need to get them off the network I answered but no-one spoke. Said I'd one a holiday to Disney in Florida. Kept talking over the top of me when I tried to ask them to repeat their name and where they were calling from.

Have called me twice the last two days. They knew my DOB and I hung up. Total scam. I called back number 07 spoke to a guy but did not say for what company. I called back number 07 spoke to a guy who said I've reached QNeurology. They used to send letters but now they use technology. I sent them an email to query if the message was genuine. This was their response, so yes it's real and not spam.

I called back number 02 spoke to a woman who said I've reached Bennett Realty. I called back number 03 spoke to a guy but did not hear him properly when he said the company name. Asian chap, didn't identify me, and said that our Telstra nbn has a speed issue. I said I was trying to sleep and I am a shift worker, he immediately hung up.

A professional would have known me, and would have apologised , and would have sought an alternate date to call. Called home phone and when I answered there was no one there. Rang a couple of minutes later and I didn't bother answering. Plus when I rang the number back it could not be connected. However, when I dialed the number back, I heard a Care Flight recorded message. I'm not sure if it was Care Flight. However, we have donated in the past and have received many calls from them over the years. So, it could have been them. Said that they were from Google. I said to the Indian male "Google do not phone users at all".

I said prove it and he hung up. Number now blocked. This is a scam call, they ring via different numbers across Australia claiming to be debt collectors to sales. They are scammers.

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Do not answer. I called back number 03 spoke to a guy who said I've reached Ray White. I called back number 07 spoke to a guy but did not hear him properly because of a bad line. Milton and Graham - formally Dunn and Bradstreet SA fines will mainly use their own collection department. HOWEVER, if they fail to act on the fine or contact you in any form about your fine within a 12 month period, then they may sell that debt to an Another day, yet more nuisance calls like this, from spoofed numbers and no messages left. Totally sick of it. They told me that AGL was my current electricity provider and if I wanted to switch my gas over to them as well.

I told them that AGL was not my electricity provider. Then she confirmed my name and address. The address was of a block of land we are building on. When I told her that was the case, she said sorry to bother you and hung up. I suspect it is a scam to collect private details. Randomly smsed me about drugs, no history of interacting with this person. Really odd behaviour out of the blue. Text message: nbn would like feedback on your experience. I looked up the website and it took me to a survey page asking to answer a few questions. The first question they wanted to know if they had my correct address.

I got to thinking why wouldn't NBN know my current address. It was Research Connections called back to invite me to participate further in the study Good call to answer!

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They will need it. I suspect comments about being their customer could be part of the scam if the company is a sham. Just rang me at pm and didn't leave a message. I rang back and they don't have a voicemail, just american robot voice reading aloud this phone number and saying to leave a message.

Tried to call back and was advised that it was an invalid extension. As per other comments, I'm on the do not call register. Said he was calling from Melbourne and yet the the caller number started with 07 and that is QLD. And even though he was using my name the account that he was talking about was not under my name.

Simply told him that I was not giving him any details about myself or the account. Certainty Wealth provides invaluable information on improving and protecting your financial position. Called I ignored it and the robot or person at the other side ended the call. If you pick up these calls they normally pause for a few second then someones voice comes on the line, normally an Indian accent. Came in as 02 blocked them then 02 called. Blocked them too. Assumed it was phone pests.

I only answer calls in my contacts. They are pests!!!!! I missed the call but I was expecting a call about some tiles I ordered so I rang back. Missed a call from this number, no message left. I called back and it rang but there was a recorded voice saying 'the number is not answering'. A get a call from a 07 number at least 3 times per week. They never leave a message I screen the calls to my landline. I have called back but get a recorded message saying 'you have reached the message bank of private number' Do not answer calls from this number.

This is a scam. Register with donotcall. Called the guy on the other end said hello 3 times and didn't reply to my question about who there were. This people are doing very doggy stuff. Despite not giving order they are sending stuff and after few months start asking for payment and one of the worst company and there employees are big scammers.

Your NAB account suspended. Please follow this link to confirm details and restore nab. Yours sincerely, Optus Billing Team. Obviously was my number in the message. Looked up and Mr Moshi?? No I not giving you my c. Then called me at work. Great first impression. No thanks! Don't trust them They are trying to extract your details. If the harass you, report them. Your site is great thanks. I also received a call from that number. I confirmed that the number at the moment belongs to Nib. Said they had 3 security questions for me and started by asking me to confirm my name.

Replied that they called me, they should know my name and hung up. Missed call on my phone - from these comments it seems to be a spammer posing as different charity raffles. I called back the number 03 and reached vm that said I reached alffie. I called back the number 08 and reached vm that said I reached Mirrabooka Community Health. I called back the number 02 and reached vm that did not mention the company name. If interested get back to me for full details via: farrugia. K Farru. Absolute scam - do not answer. Insulted our receptionist and phishing for information on businesses by requesting to speak to the managing director.

This is a Bulgaria scammer number.

Additional Information

Wanted to know if I was happy with my service and packages and then I proceeded to tell them no I wasnt and wanted to cancel my service and he said you'll have to call us back to cancel. Knew then that it was a scam. This is a scam, impersonating ACT Health for the purpose of collecting personal information such as our insurance status. I answered that I opt out the survey, but the caller insists me to change my mind. This is unethical.

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True government official respect our decision not to participate in a survey. In contrast, the caller kept on persuading me to answer their questions until I have to say I had gotten a call by the number, and when I had a look at it; it turned out to be belong. It was a machine saying my home and internet would be cut off in 24 hours and I needed to press 1 to speak to an operator It's a SCAM. I will never understand this type of obvious telemarketer. Recorded message saying to renew my Amazon account.

And needed bank details. I don't have an Amazon account. Probably scam as I am in England. Rang me No Answer after I picked up my phone it hung up on me, maybe a computer. Best time to Rob you or Scam you or Sell you something you didn't want. Good luck in life to all out there who read this and my kindest regards to all. Why do we have these winners calling us. I received a missed call from this number today and they didn't leave a message. Very strange. If it was really important they would leave a voice message. However I rang the number back and got the chance to leave them a voice message - ' how did you get my number and if you call me back again I will lodge a legal complaint ' I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Law degree which also Once they have your number, they will keep calling to sign you up.

They ring every day i just ignore them,they are the reason i do not support any charities at all now,they serve no purpose,they are a wasted space and in time,the DNC register and Telstra are just as complicit and it really makes you wonder who is getting the back hander under the counter there nothing more than cockroaches that need to be stepped on and squashed. Babies crying in the back ground Arrogant, condescending woman who wouldn't take no for an answer.

Avoid selecting links from services like this unless its adessed to the right person. Rang but never left message The number has called before. I have voicemail on the landline, they never identify themselves or leave a msge. Type of caller: Ignoramous!!! This is a genuine number and not a scammer. Numbers listed by this person are as follows : ; ; also known on social media for causing issues as a keyboard warrior. The lady that called sounded latin. Start of the call music was loud, like she was in a car. She identified herself as Arleane. She mumbled her company name.

I asked if she could identify her business. She debated me that she told me. She refused to tell me and said "What does it matter what company i am from". I hung up on her. She called me back and said " my name why did you do that to A couple of other numbers for True Capital Pro 02 , 02 , 02 , 02 , 02 , 02 these have all rung in the last few days all claiming to be from True Capital Pro. Chloe from Perth called and said she was trying to contact my neighbour about a personal matter and it was quite urgent.

She would not say where she was calling from or why. I barely know my neighbour, just his first name. She said she got my mobile number because it was listed with my address, I am not sure where she found this. Company called five times in a row and harassed me. They did not identify their company. They did not clearly state their services. It was the most insane sales call I've ever had.

Lady sounded latin. Didn't identify herself or the business. Kept asking me who I've dealt with previously with insurance. Looking at health insurance on compare the market website and asked for mobile number. Have called 4 times in the last 2 days. Block the caller. Most likely a scam of some sort trying to establish if actual people are answering their calls in order to call you from other numbers. Claim to be breast cancer charity. Call repeatedly, won't leave a message, won't speak when I answer.

Clearly a spam caller. Missed call from private no. Can Mr John pls call Mitch on within two business days.

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  8. Not my name also I have never used the number they call me on sim not in ipad. Call was dropped when i answered. This was not the first time either. Always calling after pm. After writing my details for ABN application I got a call from them trying to help and they asked me to give my card details and pay over the phone. Believe this to be scam - they state they are from Telstra, that they have found a problem with someone trying to access your internet connection, provide you with an IP so you can check it, then pass you onto a 'supervisor'.

    I questioned them and then hung up. If you try to reverse call this number - you get a message stating it is experiencing congestion. Told them that our Internet wasn't with Telstra and they said that Telstra cares about the service. Then I knew it was a scam. I received a phone call after pm today,I said hello a few times as no-one replied immediately,and then I hear a mans voice in which sounds like a noisy background, call centre A man named Cedric with an Indian accent who says he's from the lottery, 1: I'm not registered with the Lottery and how the hell did this guy know my first name I remembered my mother telling me the other day Someone wog claiming to be from the Do Not Call register.

    When I tried to call the no back went straight to busy tone. Beware people. I made an on line enquiry about a productbbut gave up because the promised savings weren't there just bait to lure you in. I did it on line because I didn't want the hassle of unsolicited calls. They called 3 times today. Left a pre recorded message.

    Problem is we changed quite some time ago. Phishing scam. Automated voice Telling me I would be disconnected unless I pushed 1 to speak to technician. They all follow the same protocol, don't get done over like I have. It started off with me accepting one ad and then the next that followed I hadn't accepted. Yet another call from someone without the common courtesy to leave a message after waking me. These pests don't even want to speak to me, obviously, so why don't they stop driving me crazy and simply stop calling? Claimed to be collecting for a charity.

    Name of charity wasnt given when I asked for it. They hung up. This is a call call working for a Chinese syndicate that is after tax free cash. Girls vary offering sexual services. This number called today, after reviewing here I blocked them. Somehow they called again on the same number!!! Not sure how that works!! I called back the number 02 but the phone just kept ringing. Most likely a scammer. Hung up after I told the wanker "If you think I believe that, then you're an idiot.

    I called back the number 02 and spoke with a lady that said I reached Crystal Dental. I called back the number 02 and reached vm but couldn't hear the name of the company. You call them back and a recorded message says they will call you back. They seem to try and get you from different Queensland numbers.

    Indian Scam artist. Trying to get your money. They have no money. Don't trust them. If they harass you, then report them. I called back the number 08 and reached vm that said I reached Westpac. I called back the number 07 and reached vm that did not mention the company name. I called back the number 08 and the guy on the other line said I reached Solar Repairs. Selling Superannuation products - rambled on with scripts and dialogue then had the nerve to say i wasted their time when they hung up! This woman keeps on hassling me about getting the NBN.

    This has been going on for months. I don't answer the calls. Sometimes she calls up as an unknown number. I would give her a mouthful but it is a recorded messge. I called back the number 07 and spoke with a lady that said I reached RAC. I called back the number 02 and reached vm that said I reached Accor Plus. I called back the number 08 and reached vm that said I reached Rheumatologist Andrew Taylor. I called back the number 03 but the phone just kept ringing. I called back the number 02 and reached vm that said I reached eToro. I called back number 02 spoke to a woman who said I've reached Jindabyne Timber Mitre I called back number 03 spoke to a guy who said I've reached Lion Finance.

    We have received multiple calls..

    I called back the number 02 and spoke with a lady that said I reached Dr James Fergusson. I called back the number 03 and reached vm that said I reached Insta Savers. I called back the number 02 and spoke with a lady that said I reached Dvyne Design. I called back number 03 spoke to a woman who said I've reached Essex Heights Primary School. I called back the number 02 and spoke with a lady that said I reached Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council.

    I called back the number 02 and reached vm that said I reached Material Handling. I called back the number 03 spoke with a guy but couldn't hear him when he mentioned the company name. Threatening to cut off. Never ending calls from these idiots. Asked them to stop many times, sent complaints via FB messenger and website, received assurances from management that calls will stop but they don't. Have blocked every number they call on so they call from another one.

    Have moved to another provider. They rang and left a vm, possibly unintended. I could only just make it out I called back number 03 spoke to a guy who said I've reached Compujection. Received a call at work from this number. The person calling asked if they'd reached a business number. I called back number spoke to a woman but did not hear her properly when she said the company name.

    I called back number 08 rang once then goes to busy tone. Keep calling me even in early morning hours. When I call backed from landline, the line was busy. Very dodgy. I called back the number 03 and spoke with a lady that said I reached North Hobart Veterinary Hospital. I answered a call from them today, and when I picked up two female Australian accents were complaining about their working conditions.

    Then the call cut out. Have blocked now. Calling without authority. Obtaining and using my number without authority. Evidenced by not leaving a message. Also getting call from this number three to four times a day. Tempting to block but they then they will call from other number. So annoying :. Previous owner I don't think own this number anymore. I tried phoning back but go a voice message service. The name is very hard to understand but my best guess is Count Line. Tony from "Gaurdian Financial".

    He asked how many super accounts I had, I said one then asked what super fund I'm with. I asked why and he said he just wanted to provide additional information about the services they offer Fees, life insurance. I told him I actually work for the super fund that I am a member of and I have financial advice available to me. Number has been blocked. Claimed they were from Telstra, but when pressed for contact details as they were threatening to disconnect lines became extremely abusive. Asked me to call her. It sounds a bit strange looking at the comments above.

    I haven't called back. Will be speaking to our lawyer about this. Take this misleading information down. Fraud Call from group stating someone has stolen your ID or to get an increase in rebate. They will ask you to email your ID and bank statements to a gmail account. They have been ringing our business almost non stop all day, and won't say anything when you answer.

    So hard as you can't block their number. Calls from this number sound dodgy. It starts with a recorded message as it comes from the broadband "team" trying to get in touch!? Spam or phishing probably. I block the number every day, they just ring from another line, how many lines do these people have? They will call on multiple different numbers from different states.

    They may also call from 02 Automated voice recording claiming to be from NBN, said they'd been trying to contact me and would disconnect my landline and internet within 24 hours as I needed to switch over now that NBN is available in my area.

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    This call was made to my work mobile, so there is no landline etc attached to it. They call constantly. I have blocked them but I still get a message saying I have missed the call. I called back the number 07 and reached vm that said I reached Queensland Correctional Centre. I called back the number 07 and the guy on the other line said I reached CardioTech. I rejected the call couple of times but when I spoke it feels valid and I did receive an email earlier regarding what he spoke to me. It is about the balance transfer offer. Answered the call but didn't heard the caller's voice but, heard some background noise like in an office of some sort.

    I have been getting lots of these types of calls recently and they structure their questions so as you are most likely to answer "yes". I am conscious of this and always answer "no" because I believe that they are trying to get you to say yes and they are recording you so they can use against you for some scam! Be very careful not to answer "Yes" to anything they ask - even your name - best Help line calling to help you with a Lagging broadband connection when asked for details i was given the name Jack William.

    Received a automated call saying it was the NBN Network and my internet would be disconnected and to press 1 to speak to a technician. Was give this number by a person but unable to call back maybe its a private number? Her name is Justine Parker. Recorded voice NBN scam threatening to cut off my existing services, asked to select option 1 to speak to a technician then put through to a foreign call centre. We have been trying to contact you for a long time now ,that's when I hung up.

    I got the same call and thought it was a fake, but realised it wasn't. Said she was from the Lodgement Team in Gosford. Would not say why the A. I also refused to give my d. When I said I don't remember my tfn she gave a number to ring and find out. Told her I don't lodge a tax return as I am an old pensioner. I also told her I am not so stupid as to give personal details over the phone as this call could be a scam. Pioneer Credit are a very nasty company. When you cancel your CBA credit card and the bank later charges you an annual fee, the bank will then sell this "debt" to Pioneer Credit at a discount.

    Pioneer Credit will then ring you threaten court action and publicity. Pioneer Credit only wants your money. Some caller on behalf of charities. No message left. No further action taken. An automated message saying from Telstra, and that the internet connection was to be disconnected on a certain date, and if you wish to keep the connection to press 1. So press 1 then it automatically disconnects.

    Tried to call the number back and a message says "the number you have called is not connected" Have since looked up this number, listed for Telstra in the Wollongong area. I block the number, then a new number calls. No messages are ever left. Every time I search the number, other people have reported the number as a nuisance call or charities asking for donations. Received a call today, answered and it was quiet on their end of the line.

    Even rang the number back and was answered by voicemail message wanting to leave my details, just hanged up.