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Due to their wide popularity, Mattel continued to release cars inspired by the film in a new series, widely referred to among collectors as the "Supercharged" series. This series was released at the end of , and all through This is the first release of each of these vehicles, except for RPM 64 , Snot Rod and Ferrari F first release as singles for these three.

Mattel released an eight-car set exclusively to Target in the "Supercharged" packaging style that featured three new cars that would eventually see release elsewhere as well. Entitled the " Dinoco " set, it included:.

In October , Mattel released a series of singles exclusive to Walmart in a unique style of packaging showing a direct image from the movie much like the Supercharged and World of Cars "Movie Moments. Value Pack image is here: image. On October 18, , Kmart stores all over the USA held the 1st Cars Collector's Event where a number of new Cars characters were available to the public for the first time.

These singles in the World of Cars Series packaging were exclusive to Kmart. Contrary to many people's beliefs, the "Fred with Bumper Stickers" vehicle was not exclusive to Kmart, and was actually released many weeks prior to this event, even though this vehicle was indeed included in the cases opened at the Kmart event.

The singles released for the first time at this event include:. In May , Mattel and Target signed another deal to release a new gift set with one new exclusive character. In , Toys "R" Us offered a mail-in offer to receive an exclusive Cars character, Sidewall Shine , in special packaging.

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The car was packaged in a clear display case, with a black base, " Sidewall Shine " sticker on the front, and the "World of Cars" emblem sticker on the right side. Like the Sidewall Shine car, N2O Cola came packaged in a clear display case, with a black base, "N2O Cola" sticker on the front, and the "World of Cars" emblem sticker on the right side. In late , Mattel UK offered a free collector car by submitting codes from 6 Cars with a special sticker on front, the same as last year's UK Promotion.

From October 1st, through February 28th, , the codes from the 6 Cars' packages could be submitted via the Cars UK website or via phone, and in return the customer received a die-cast Faux Wheel Drive car. In late September , Mattel released yet another series to keep the Cars line going. These Cars singles have tickets with the name of the car as the label for their packaging.

Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast Collectors: Complete Year by Year 2006-2017 Visual Checklist

And on the back, there are codes for the former World of Cars online game, where you can receive power-ups, new parts, new paint jobs, new collectibles and 10 "Car-Coins". On June 20, , Kmart stores all over the USA held the 2nd Cars Collector's Event where a number of new Cars characters were available to the public for the first time, outside of the Motor Speedway of the South set.

These new releases included new Piston Cup Racers, along with previously released Piston Cup Racers, however in this release all of the Piston Cup Racers had synthetic rubber tires with the exception of Lightning McQueen. The singles released at this event were included in Case K.

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Vehicles included at this event were:. These new releases included Piston Cup Racers with synthetic rubber tires with the exception of Lightning McQueen and Chick Hicks , and a couple new releases to the "lenticular" eyes lineup. All vehicles released with this card have lenticular eyes for the first time, with the exception of the Chase cars.

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These are sometimes referred to as the "Look" line. These die-cast rigs with trailers were available for the first time in "World of Cars: Race O Rama" packaging. Shop See More. Race Day. The Pit Crew. Fillmore and Sarge. Mater the Lawyer. Mater Meets Finn.

Cars Diecast Toy Vehicle Toys for sale | eBay

Teammates and Pals. Secret Agent Mater. Mater saves the day on the last stop of the World Grand Prix. In A Hurry. Funny Car Mater Taco truck DaleEarnhardtJr88Fan , Nov 27, Replies: 12 Views: 4, BobnRoll Apr 17, Replies: 32 Views: 5, BobnRoll Nov 10, I can't find any of the ole racers from Thomasville other than Smokey. If anyone has these 3 old ones Junior, If anyone has these 3 old ones Junior, Scott, or the lady racer I'd love to trade for them. Keselowski2Wallace , Dec 4, Replies: 8 Views: Here they be Levi Heller , Sep 8, Replies: 3 Views: 1, Levi Heller Sep 19, Here's a tough Collectable to find Good luck on getting it.

I could only score the Cruz. Jackson and Lighting were tougher to get and passed on trying to get them.

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Either way me and my son were happy on this score. By the way it's Good luck on getting it. By the way it's that hard movie poster plastic Replies: 0 Views: Supposed to be the 3 phases from standard to the new scheme. At the San Diego Comic Con mattel has a special show only telease. Replies: 24 Views: 2, They also have what I'm guessing are exclusives, a Jackson Storm Looks like TRU is having a Cars 3 event this Saturday with some good early bird deals from 10am to 1pm Im curious to know if disney is releasing this cars in waves.

Ive have yet to find a bubba wheelhouse or the wendell scott car Ive finally came across the Smokey Yunik truck. Sent from my Keselowski2Wallace , Jun 8, Keselowski2Wallace Jun 8, Very nice! The Dinoco cars looks amazing. I have the standard Rusteze scheme and the Cars 3 Rusteze scheme. There's also a Jackson Storm in this scale as well.