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Note: Read the transcript of the President's remarks following this release or watch the video here. That birth certificate can be seen here PDF. When any citizen born in Hawaii requests their birth certificate, they receive exactly what the President received. This is not and should not be an open question. It may have been good politics and good TV, but it was bad for the American people and distracting from the many challenges we face as a country.

Therefore, the President directed his counsel to review the legal authority for seeking access to the long form certificate and to request on that basis that the Hawaii State Department of Health make an exception to release a copy of his long form birth certificate. They granted that exception in part because of the tremendous volume of requests they had been getting. A reporter for an Indianapolis television station filed this story shortly after Obama was elected in November, Trump also makes false claims about the document Obama produced in , claiming that it is not a birth certificate and has no signature or serial number:.

I saw his. I read it very carefully. But when we pressed the campaign for a better image, we were allowed to come to campaign headquarters and photograph it for ourselves, which we did. The U. This one does appear to meet State Department requirements. Trump, MSNBC: The hospital [in Hawaii] has not only no birth certificate, or if they have it they should produce it, or maybe there is something on it, who knows, but they have no records that he was there.

The family in Hawaii is fighting. A couple of other things, when I was born in Jamaica hospital in Queens, when I was born there are records saying how much my parents paid for the doctor, who the doctor was, what room number I was born in, all of these things that I have. There is not one record in any hospital in Hawaii that Barack Hussein Obama was born there.

What he was told is that any records of a birth from that long ago were probably destroyed many years ago, and even if they still existed the hospital could not release them to outsiders because of HIPAA. And what about details such as the doctor who delivered Trump and the room number where he and his mother stayed?

Hawaii Limits Requests on Obama’s Birth Records

Trump, April 7 : Now, let me just go to the final point. The final point on the birther. The final point is the newspaper. Well, guess what? His grandparents probably put in a thing because everybody wanted to become a United States citizen, more so than today to be honest with you, because they were more proud in those days.

But for purposes of hospitalization and welfare, you want to become an American citizen. So, the grandparents living in Honolulu, living in Hawaii, probably put it in. Barack H.

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Obama, Kalanianaole Hwy. Advertiser, July 28, : Such vital statistics, however, were not sent to the newspapers by the general public but by the Health Department, which received the information directly from hospitals, Okubo said. In a Nov. Advertiser, Nov. This is not empirical evidence. But Trump has no evidence and no knowledge of the process for publishing birth announcements. That doubt, he now says, has grown.

How to Find Hawaii Birth Records Genealogy - FamilySearch Wiki

Trump, ABC : The reason that I have a little doubt — just a little — is because he grew up and nobody knew him. Nobody ever comes forward. Nobody knows who he is until later in his life. The whole thing is very strange.

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The fact is that the Maui News interviewed two retired kindergarten teachers, Aimee Yatsushiro and Katherine Nakamoto, who recalled a chubby little 5-year-old Barack Obama in their kindergarten class. Maui News, Jan. Nakamoto, also a retired teacher now living in Wailuku, coincidentally was assigned to the same kindergarten class, only this time from January to June of Nakamoto said she never used a nickname for the student. He was very well mannered, respectful, confident and independent. In response, Trump falsely denied that he ever said nobody remembers Obama as a child.

BREAKING President Obama's Birth Certificate: The Debate May Be Over, But a New One Begins

You have to be born in the country. As we said at the outset, we take no stand either way on whether Trump deserves to be nominated or elected president.

For Hawaii governor, discrediting anti-Obama ‘birthers’ is a top priority

And we would never presume to advise Republicans on whom to choose as their nominee, or to advise any voter whom to send to the White House. Our job is simply to assess evidence and call out falsehoods and factual mistakes when we find them. We will permit ourselves this observation.

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  5. Back in we said this about the many loopy theories and lawsuits claiming that Obama was born in Kenya, or somewhere other than the U. Developments have at times been bizarre. The same lawyer introduced in court a birth certificate supposedly showing Obama was born in Mombasa — a document quickly revealed as a forgery. So — love Trump or hate him. Or at least, it would get him fired here. For additional multimedia, go to www. Show Comments.

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    Wrong again. Photos of the document, which we posted in , clearly show those details.

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    Actually, a state health department official and a former managing editor of one of the newspapers said the information came straight from the state health department. Well, two retired kindergarten teachers in a news story fondly recall teaching a young Barack Obama. But when the full recording later came to light it showed that this is what followed immediately: What Berg Left Out McRae: Okay, uh, when I come in December I would like to go by the, the place, the hospital where he is born.

    Translator: No he was born in America, not in Mombasa. Do you know whereabouts he was born?