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You must contact Prometric, Pearson Vue or the corresponding testing provider to take a certification exam. Our live online instructors teach you from a remote location while being able to interact with students as in a traditional classroom setting. Instructors can view student progress and take control of their PC to provide direct assistance. Students can see the instructor's presentation as well as voice questions directly to the instructor and participate in class discussions.

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This was particularly helpful with AP and Payroll manifests. We process AP each week. Again, you are advised to review 15 U. Web Forms- The Town began a move away from typical documents to web forms. We have a contract through SeamlessGov to provide this platform to manage these documents. This allows for the use of individual pieces of data within a document to be searched for information. Electronic Payments- The payments to vendors and employees was solely by paper check. All of our employees agreed to this process. Many of our vendors have transitioned to the electronic payment process as well.

The vendor submits an invoice via an email which is processed in our weekly AP process. The vendor receives payment deposited directly into their account. This process speeds up payment and reduces our administrative costs.

No checks, no envelopes and no postage. This allows for a process from beginning to end in which documents never exist in a paper format.

The electronic backup documents are stored in our financial software package, Infinite Visions. Public Meeting Documents- Achieving our transparency goals was a multifaceted undertaking.

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Allenstown is an SB2 town meeting form of government. This method of direct democracy relies upon an informed citizenry to make critical decisions on how its local government operates. The Town constantly hears concerns from voters who are being asked to make complex decisions without adequate information. Accordingly, the Town took a multi-pronged approach to this issue. We created a specific icon on the main page of our website where voters could follow the town meeting and budget process cycle.

The process begins in May with the guidance to department heads issued by the Board of Selectmen and ends with the actual voting session of town meeting and the results of the vote. The website agendas for the various boards have the specific documents related to those agenda items posted on the agenda.

This allows for residents to be informed and allows for greater and more meaningful public input to the various boards. Residents, officials and the media are able to access these documents on their personal devices while in the meeting through the public WiFi provided in our meeting rooms. The Board of Selectmen agenda attachments include the weekly AP manifests. This allows residents to see where each dollar is spent and to which vendor. This provided a higher level of security. However, with the ever changing sometimes hostile cyber environment we operate in today, we needed to enhance the level of security.

The quantity of personal identifying information, financial data, HIPPA and law enforcement documents that are being sent and received via email has grown enormously. The need to secure this information from ever growing threats is apparent. The Town implemented an email encryption solution through Zix Corp.

This solution provides a high level of email security which is common practice in the financial and health care sectors and recognizes that municipalities have a similar obligation to protect the sensitive information of employees, business partners, patients and victims. If you embark on this technological path, you must have an overall strategic plan in place to achieve these efficiencies and transparencies. Your existing processes should be reviewed through the LEAN process or some other method to analyze the issues and map out solutions. Some of those solutions require implementation of new technologies while others require human solutions.

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There simply is not enough money to do everything that needs to be done. Our process has been four years in the making and the Town still has much to achieve. One of our goals was to allow access to a very large volume of our public documents through a portal on our website. While the website has many documents, many others would require a search and management platform that we do not presently have. We looked at several solutions which would allow someone to search documents such as property files through a link on our website.

This cost level is clearly prohibitive for us at this time.

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The cost benefit analysis demonstrated results which were less than positive. For example, the property files were named by map and lot and street address.

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This allowed staff to search using any of the pieces of that information to locate the property folder or document s being searched. We have a directory of folders by map which are then broken down by lots within that map. This directory is nothing more than a folder on our common drive. No additional software is needed. Shortly after we implemented this system a resident called to obtain all the documents relating to her property. I was able to search the directory within seconds and email the entire file containing pages within a minute. This process would have taken several days of staff time before when the files were in a paper format in several different locations.

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The resident would have had to come to the Town Hall, lose work time, and pay for those documents to obtain a paper copy. In fact, the chances of us not finding all the applicable files would have been much higher if they were in a paper format.