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If an email is deleted without being opened, it shows that the recipient is not interested and adds points to the negative sender reputation. This metric is a powerful indicator of subscriber engagement and a strong positive indicator to Yahoo that your emails are wanted. The metrics such as click rate and click-to-open rate are valuable for senders to measure email performance but not for mailbox providers.

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When you create your email message, make sure that you follow these tips:. To minimize spam complaints, write a good subject line.

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If the subject line is not appealing or appears to be generic, users may not be interested and can mark the email as spam. If the message successfully passes through all the filters, it has a high potential to be delivered to the Inbox provided that your sender reputation and sending infrastructure are in order.

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To increase the chances for the emails to be delivered to the Yahoo! You can test your email authentication records by creating a spam test at GlockApps. The GlockApps report will also show how different mailbox providers including Yahoo! Mail treat your emails and where they deliver it: to the Inbox or spam folder. Click here to see an example of the full GlockApps delivery report. This was done to protect the Yahoo users from increasing email spam that uses Yahoo email addresses from other mail servers.

How Yahoo Mail Works

If you used to send emails at a certain rate and suddenly have a spike of the sent volume, you could get flagged as a compromised sender and your emails could be marked as spam. Thus, plan your email campaigns and send them out over a period of time.

Tend to use separate IPs to send transactional and commercial emails. Commercial emails are more likely to be reported as spam and sent to the junk folder, and your IP reputation can be impacted. You can differentiate the traffic if you have dedicated IP addresses.

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If you are on shared IPs with an email service provider, then your sender reputation is influenced by other senders. If you have problems with sending email campaigns to your Yahoo! Mail subscribers, the links below can help you troubleshoot the issues:.

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Bulk Sender Application. Keep in mind that accepted IPs are still subject to certain filters and the Inbox delivery is not guaranteed. Return Path Certification Program. Return Path Certification provides preferential treatment to accredited senders, allowing them to bypass certain filters to reach the Inbox.

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Yahoo Mail Down: Major outage leaves users across the world unable to sign in

Like Outlook. Mail honors the Return Path Certification. Complaint Feedback Loop. Yahoo offers a complaint feedback loop service.

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Apply and suppress users who complain to maintain a positive reputation with Yahoo. Designers threatened to quit and there was a lot of grumbling, but the job got done — in remarkable time. A BT spokesperson said that users had been complaining about bugs in the product for months on BT's message boards, and that Yahoo had been unable to fix the issues.

If you read a new message, and scroll down to the bottom and decide you don't want to keep it, you can no longer access the delete button. Yes, obviously you can just close the email and then choose it again and delete, but that is a total waste of time and key strokes. After switching a couple of weeks ago and sending 30 test mails over three days to make sure it was all working, 6 never arrived. I even have specific filters set-up within Yahoo mail to make sure certain mails do not get put in the trash or spam by mistake.

I get "Error 45" and the messages fail to load. There are numerous reports about this on the net; so far Yahoo hasn't managed to fix it. So, I have to launch the classic version of Yahoo mail just to read old messages. For all Yahoo! Users, please do the following: Click the 'Tools' menu shown in red and then select 'Email Accounts In the Mail Accounts dialog, click 'Add' shown in red.

If your account is already listed, first choose your account and then click 'Remove' shown in blue before clicking 'Add'. Please choose 'Let me configure settings myself' shown in red , and click 'Next' shown in blue.

How to Add Yahoo Mail to Shift

If you do not see the 'Let me configure…' option, continue to Step 4. Type in your Yahoo! ID just as you would on Yahoo!