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The camera in the other deputy's car was pointed away from Gaetz and Anglin, so that video is inconclusive. On Nov. An internal affairs report said that Anglin grabbed the suspect around the neck after he believed the suspect spit on him. But three other deputies, including a trainee, were there as well, and said the spitting was unintentional and that Anglin used unreasonable force. An internal affairs report agreed. According to Anglin's personnel file, this was his fourth infraction, and third in a year.

Anglin has lost the trust and confidence of his supervisors and co-workers alike," wrote Maj. Larry Ashley in his recommendation to fire Anglin.


More than a week after Anglin quit, the prosecutor asked to be taken off the case, because his stepson was friends with Gaetz. Charlie Crist's office assigned the case to Steve Meadows, the state attorney for the neighboring circuit. Less than a week later, Gaetz had his driver's license reinstated. A field officer for the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles declared there was no evidence that Gaetz refused a breath test.

Mike Stone, Defender.

Yet the refusal was clearly documented in Anglin's affidavit and arrest report. This three-page document, which Gaetz signed, states there was no evidence that he had been impaired. There was no mention of many of Anglin's observations suggesting that Gaetz was impaired. It added a new detail: "A civilian witness drove by who knew Gaetz and observed no indication of impairment. Yet the witness was not named, either in Pinkerton's document or other case records at the Okaloosa County Clerk's Office.

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Still, this anonymous testimony is all that contradicted Anglin's conclusion that there was probable cause to arrest Gaetz on DUI. Contacted Monday, he dismissed the story as an example of tabloid journalism.

Arrest Log

When reached Monday, he said he vaguely remembered the case, but refused to comment further. It's not clear from the article if Anglin was contacted to refute this serious allegation, which was never mentioned in Pinkerton's motion to dismiss the charges. Gaetz did talk then about the case, touting the dropped charges as proof he was innocent.


Manage my subscription Activate my subscription Subscribe Log in Log out. Special Reports. Photo Galleries. Having a criminal record can create problematic situations and limit your future opportunities. An arrest on your criminal record can make it difficult for you to:. These complications are life altering and can change the course of your future.

Bay County Arrest Report: October

You can remove arrests from your criminal record if your case was dismissed or the State of Florida drops your case. The process of clearing an arrest from your criminal record is called expungement.

When you expunge a criminal arrest from your record, you remove the arrest so that it is no longer a public record. This means that future employers and landlords cannot find out about your arrest through a background check.


The mistakes you may have made in your past will stay there, allowing you to have a second chance and a limitless future. Police say both events happened around a. Pete's First Friday event and were observed by large crowds. Anderson was charged with disorderly conduct and exposure of sexual organs.

Bay County Criminal and Public Records

She was released around a. Anderson, from Illinois, is part of the show's third season. The show was filmed in Panama City Beach for it's first two seasons, but is now taking place in St.

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